Bring on the Flowers

You never have to remind me of why flowers are such a beautiful sight to behold and smell. But sometimes, there is nothing like a reminder or two to get you in the mood for a fresh bouquet. I have even had the pleasure to receive beautiful bouquets through certain stores that deliver them via a monthly service. I personally feel that everyone should have a fresh bouquet delivered to them every now and then.


Currently, I have been using a special site that delivers gorgeous roses directly to my door every first week of the month. Before I decided to pick up the service, I got a few free samples before finally deciding to take the plunge. Not only does this save me time and money, but it is also easier on the environment, something we should all be more mindful of these days. I have been completely surprised at how carefully packed the roses are that are always delivered to my door each month. They always have the colors that I want and sometimes, even the ones that I never even knew existed. It is almost as if they can foresee the colors that I want! It is very surreal! When they are in my home and on display for those few weeks, there is not a single person that comes by that doesn’t leave me positive comments on them and that is another reason why I continue to buy them monthly. The following are some of the advantages to having fresh flowers in our house each month.


Flower improve your overall mood.


I am not sure if there are any studies that can verify this claim, but I personally feel like having flowers on hand elevates my mood and makes me happy. When you are gifted with them, you feel special. It is a simple gesture, but it truly makes a difference.


Flowers spruce your décor up.


If you want to change the look of a room in a quick and easy way, flowers can do the trick in an instant. They simply make everything look fresher and brighter. Plus, you only pay a fraction of the cost and they are a great conversation piece.


Flowers make the entire house smell better.

jasmine flowers

Flowers don’t just look amazing, but they smell great as well. Depending on the type of flowers your prefer, they provide a hint of aroma that can be smelled around the entire house, and some can be even more potent. It all depends on what you like!


Flowers spark creativity.


What is it about flowers that tend to make us more creative Whatever it is, what I do know is that whether they are for my home or my office, a few freshly cut flowers can really get my creative juices flowing.


Flowers relax you.


If you want to calm down, do it with flowers. Just walking in the door and seeing fresh roses on a daily basis can do wonders for our mindset and get you in a more relaxed state after a long day of work. If you have not tried it, I suggest you do so and find out for yourself!