Why Listen to Classical Music?

Coming to watch a classical music concert instantly is a major step to be able actually to feel the inspiration for the music. It is essential to remember that some details must be considered to experience the classical music as you watch the concert. Watching while you listen to the music will make you relax and love the music. Why Listen to Classical Music and how?

Wear formal clothing. It is important to dress properly for a classical music concert. As an example, the ladies could wear nice evening dress and the gentlemen would look good in the suit. It is not about being luxurious or exclusive, but it is about showing your appreciation and giving some respects to the music that you do earnestly want to be part of.

Switch off your cell phone or any other communication device. You do not want to hear your disco ring-tone of your cell phone breaking the silent atmosphere as the audiences enjoy the show, and receiving a phone call or texting while the show is running is very inappropriate especially to the people seated close to you. It will also show no respect from you to the performer and the music.

Do not bring any recording devices and use it while the show is running. When the concert is started, the lighting will diminish. So if you try to capture moments, your camera will need flash or extra light to get a good picture. Not to mention there will be a click sound as you push the shutter button of your camera and disturb the people near you. These light and sound interferences not only will disrupt both the performers and the audiences, it will also get you unfocused to enjoy the music since you are so busy trying to steal the moments.

Foods and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the concert hall. You are watching classical music concert, not a scary movie premiere. So if you feel like eating or drinking, do it before you leave home for the concert.

Do not give applause before the music ends. Some classical pieces are divided into parts. But you should not give applause yet between the breaks of each part. Wait until the song finished, then you can give your big hands as many as you want.

Study the set-list of songs that will be played before you go to the concert. It would be better if you already know the song before you experience it live. You need to study the set-list and find the songs on CD’s or cassettes so that you can listen to it first and get to know the melody before you watch the concert. Though it would be the same song played, you will feel the significant difference of experience between the music you heard from the tape and the one that you feel all around you instantly.

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